First Orbit: Earth through the eyes of Yuri Gagarin.

First Orbit: Earth through the eyes of Yuri Gagarin. By Gonzalo Carrasco Purull + Pedro Livni.

On 12 April, was the world premiere of «First Orbit» ( Film where the director plays Chris Riley was the first trip by a human into space, which is perhaps one of the latest adventures of mankind.
In its 108 minutes, accompanied by music by Philip Sheppard, «First Orbit» rebuild again that day in 1961, when for the first time the Earth is seen from outer space. To carry out this undertaking, Riley received the support of the European Space Agency and the people of the 26/27 issue of the International Space Station (
Thus, the astronaut Paolo Nespoli – along with Riley – shot from space Yuri Gagarin same views as seen through the observation post of the Vostok 1, thus returning not only images but also the emotion behind the flight . Especially at times like sunset seen from space, or the minutes that the communication with the checkpoint stops, leaving Yuri Gagarin in absolute solitude of the cosmic night.

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut who was in the April 12, 1961 – and aboard the spacecraft Vostok 3KA-3 (Vostok 1) – was the first man to travel into space. His code name in the mission was «Cedar» – which refers to a type of Siberian pine – while ground control was the «Dawn.» Yuri Gagarin was born on March 9, 1934 in the village of Klushino, near Gzhatsk (currently, Smolensk, Russia). Already as a teenager, Yuri became interested in aviation, joining a flying club near Saratov. At 21 he joined the Soviet Air Force, earning his pilot’s wings in the same year of the flight of Sputnik. In 1959 he was promoted to vice-mayor of the Soviet Air Force, entering the space program next year, where he was training 12 months before being chosen as the first astronaut in the history of mankind.
The flight of Vostok 1 started at 6:07 (UT), powered by a Vostok rocket-K series. The ground control only knew that Yuri Gagarin into orbit, after 25 minutes after launch. The instruments on board ran automatically, Yuri making more than a pilot, a passenger. Which could only operate the emergency system. The flight control system was activated on the west coast of Angola, starting the descent to 8,000 km. launch point.
The route took the Vostok -1, Yuri Gagarin flew to Argentina on the Atlantic Ocean, Angola, Central Africa, to finally reenter the atmosphere at a point on the river Nile on the Black Sea, was Yuri the need to eject due to problems with the opening of the parachute system. Finally, managed to land on the Russian province of Saratov, Engels near, after a journey of 108 minutes that changed the look we have on Earth. VKPK.

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