Dossier VKPK. Gualano-Gualano Studio: the block and the grid.

Dossier VKPK. Gualano-Gualano Studio: the block and the grid. By: Pedro Livni.

In January 2009 following the economic crisis that began in U.S. housing and continued in Europe, the U.S. president – Barack Obama – issued a call in the interest of «responsibility.» Request transferable to many areas, and very contingent against the great waste of brand architectures, spectacular, there have been uncontrollably from the «Bilbao effect» (see post about «The hangover Guggenheim Abu Dhabi or art as resistance» , posted by Gonzalo Carrasco vostokproject on March 18, 2011 ).

Away from these practices, tending to the spectacular, in the southern exploration is common to find more appropriate to different contexts. I hope not interpreted the term «appropriate» use that was given from many platforms discourse in the eighties.

Recently the study Gualano – Gualano ( has completed the «Block House.» A small seasonal residence, more associated to a shelter. Rigorously determined within a rectangular base prism, with full surround materialized with a single material, and block full block depth, presents stark contrasts with the green of pine trees in which it is inserted.

The plant is divided into four bands: a semi-closed exterior, an interior that opens onto the outside semi-closed, a range of services and finally the band occupied by the bedrooms.

A house from the introversion, first, meet the contingencies of a house that will probably pass closed most of the year. On the other hand, indoors, which from its negation, involves having learned the exterior landscape and book carefully. Suddenly, he can claim some darkness in the dorms, but in a beach retreat only occupy them for a nap or sleeping at night.

For now, a little work that is concatenated with many of the most interesting research that have occurred in our region, Rafael Church Smiljan Radic, among others. From different areas which recognize that architecture is a constructive dimension and therefore a good play requires a building up and no fireworks, or the establishment of a tap. VKPK.
Pedro Livni (Montevideo, 1973). Architect, teacher and artist. Master of Architecture candidate at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (


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